Women’s Dresses Collection at Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters has an endless collection of stylish and expertly crafted dresses for women. In some cases, Urban Outfitters may be slightly expensive than other similar stores. But there is something special and unique about UO outfits that attracts thousands of customers, EVERY day! On this page, you are going to discover the bestselling and most popular types of women’s dresses at Urban Outfitters.

Most Popular Types of Feminine Outfits at Urban Outfitters

Formal Dresses

Urban Outfitters Women's Dresses

Whether you are going to attend a business meeting, or you need something special to wear for a special occasion, the Formal and Occasion Dresses Collection for women at Urban Outfitters has something for every taste and every event. Click Here to check out the latest formal outfits.

Party Dresses

Urban Outfitters Women's Black Party Dress Mini

There is no such thing as “The Perfect Party Dress”. Every woman is different. Something that looks good on you may not be the right option for me and vice versa. But the good thing is, UO is a great place to find the PERFECT party look for you, me and everyone else. Click Here to find the most recent additions to Urban Outfitters little black dresses & embellished cocktail dresses for women.

Women’s Going Out Dresses

Urban Outfitters Women's Going Out Dresses

Whether you fall in the group of women who always prefer to wear the most impressive styles, or you invest a considerable amount of time to find dresses that flatter and support your body, Urban Outfitters Going Out dresses collection has plenty of options for both groups. Click Here to find exactly what you need.

Casual Dresses

Urban Outfitters Women's Floral Casual Dress for Summer Season

Are you looking for timeless casual clothes, made with high-quality fabric? Urban Outfitters offers an impressive variety of well-fitting casual dresses for women, featuring cool patterns and floral prints in vibrant colors. Click Here to check out the new arrivals of the season.

Urban Outfitters Women’s Mini Dresses

Urban Outfitters Women's Sexy & Stylish Mini Dress

There are so many reasons to wear mini dresses. They are easy to wear, are perfect for most occasions and they come in almost every color. Urban Outfitters has a wide range of the sexiest and most stylish women’s mini dresses featuring long and short sleeves. Visit the official website of UO to find the latest collection.

Midi Dresses

Urban Outfitters Women's Knee Length White Dress

Most women like midi dresses for just one reason, they REALLY are instant figure fixers! Are you planning to buy knee length dresses online? Do you like lace and floral prints? Yes? Good! Click Here to browse the latest mid-length dresses for women by Urban Outfitters.

Maxi Dresses

Urban Outfitters Gorgeous Maxi Dress For Summer Season

From winter, to spring, to summer and fall, Maxi Dresses have a become a seasonless wardrobe essential for women. Whether you need an elegant formal dress to wear for a wedding, or you are looking for the most comfortable choice for day-to-night dressing, a floor length dress can be the best option for you in most cases. Urban Outfitters has one of the largest and most fabulous collections of women’s maxi dresses across the web.

Urban Outfitters Women’s Jumpsuits and Rompers

Urban Outfitters Jumpsuits & Rompers For Women - Black

Personally, I’m not a fan of jumpsuits and rompers. They are not easy to accessorize (and because of some other personal reasons). But this post is about the most popular women’s dresses at Urban Outfitters, and NOT about what I like or don’t like. Click Here to find the latest on-trend jumpsuits and rompers for women at Urban Outfitters.