Tinnitus Induced Stress - Get Rid of Tinnitus NaturallyTinnitus is incessant noise that only a Tinnitus sufferer can hear. The sound varies from a soft humming to a high pitched screech. It has no outside source and is generally known as a ringing in the ears.

It is a lonely, unseen burden that robs those who suffer from it of their sleep and can lead to fatigue, despair and depression in severe cases. It is possible that most people have a degree of Tinnitus, but is not aware of it or bothered by it.

The Prevalence of Tinnitus

There are about 50 million people with Tinnitus worldwide and 35 million in the USA. Of these, 12 million are distressed by it and seek help to alleviate their condition, some 6 million are seriously incapacitated and 2 million are disabled.

Present as a symptom in many diseases and conditions, Tinnitus have been difficult to pin down. It is invisible, seems to appear in a random way and patterns of disturbance vary. For example one person could develop tinnitus after a noisy party while all the others at the same party may be unaffected by the level of sound at the party. The sounds of Tinnitus are not uniform and neither is the pitch or the volume.

What is known is that it is somehow associated with the functioning of the ear as well as with loss of hearing. It is an associated symptom of certain conditions and ailments. It is not a disease on its own and what actually causes it in the hearing system in the human brain remains a mystery.

It is a stark reminder of the unseen suffering of those who live with tinnitus every day of their lives. Tinnitus is no respecter of persons and it afflicts young and old, rich and poor, the famous and the man in the street.

Some Famous Tinnitus Sufferers

Famous Tinnitus sufferers past and present include people like Beethoven and Adolph Hitler, Martin Luther, Joan of Arc, Vincent van Gogh and many more from the past.

Well known people William Shatner and Leonard Nimmoy of Star Trek fame, the astronaut Alan Shepherd, singers and musicians like Barbra Streisand, Bono, Paul Simon William, Liza Minelli, Lars Ulrich and many more are known to be tinnitus sufferers.

The list also includes Ex-president Ronald Reagan and a phalanx of nameless returned soldiers, seamen and airmen from conflicts far and wide whose ears were damaged by the sounds of war.

Tinnitus was previously more prevalent in older people, but it now has a wider age distribution. Excessive noise is one of the causes of Tinnitus and loss of hearing. Listening to in-ear music devices at high volumes can cause Tinnitus and also loss of hearing even in children of school going age.

More and more children and teenagers use in-ear listening devices and they are not aware of the possible danger of developing Tinnitus and losing their hearing.

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