Does Stress Causes Obesity?The Western world has been experiencing some very troubling trends for several decades now. Collectively, we are more stressed out than ever before. Studies suggest that from one generation to the next, stress rates have been increasing by at least 25%. Some studies suggest that the stress rate has actually doubled over the last 20 years! We are also more obese than ever before. Right across the Western world and even in many developing nations as well, obesity is on the rise. Many nations have reached critical level of obesity, causing a significant drain on labor productivity and health care costs, not to mention reduced longevity and quality of life! Finally, we are also in the midst of an epidemic of economic instability, inequality, and uncertainty. It seems the rich just keep getting richer while the poor and middle class work harder only to fall further behind.

These trends are no secret. Anyone who watches the news, listens to the radio, browses the internet, or discusses current events with friends is aware of these trends. More importantly, most people have been personally affected by these trends in one way or another. And yet despite the fact that these trends exist out in the open for everyone to see, discuss, and experience, what often goes unnoticed is the root cause of these trends. The reality is that these trends have a lot more in common with each other than people realize and can actually be explained by a single common cause.

The common root cause of these epidemics is widespread disturbances and blockages in our natural energy flows. The modern world places so many demands on our attention that it becomes easy for us to live in a permanent state of distraction and disengagement. I don’t just mean distraction from one’s family life or favorite recreational activities nor do I just mean disengagement from friends, family, or other social networks. No, it is much worse than that. I mean distraction and disengagement from ourselves!

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