Stores Like Fresh TopsFresh Tops is a Las Vegas, Nevada based casual clothing retailer that was founded in the year 2012. The most popular product categories at Fresh Tops include T-Shirts, Muscle Tanks, Sweaters, Crop Tops, Tie Dye Collection, Bottoms and Pocket Tees. Personally, I’m not actually a satisfied Fresh Tops customer and that’s why, I’m going to introduce you to some better alternatives to Fresh Tops. All of these clothing retailers carry products that are comparable to Fresh Tops (in fact, superior in many cases). Below you will find a list, basic introduction and links to the Top 10 clothing stores like Fresh Tops.

List of Top 10 Stores Like Fresh Tops

Brandy Melville > #1 on My List of Stores Like Fresh Tops

Brandy MelvilleBrandy Melville is an original Italian fashion brand that is used by famous Hollywood celebrities including Paris Hilton, Ashley Benson and Kim Kardashian. The most popular products of Brandy Melville include scarves, neck-ties, jewelry, key chains and mobile phone cases. Brandy Melville operates several ecommerce websites for audience located in different countries including United States, Canada, UK and Europe.

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Pacsun > #2, Similar to Fresh Tops But Cheap!

Pacsun - Pacific Sunwear.Pacsun (originally Pacific Sunwear) is a cheap alternative to Fresh Tops. Pacsun is famous for its unique range of casual clothing, inspired by the youth oriented culture and lifestyle of California. Pacsun is a publically traded company that was founded in the year 1980. Presently, Pacsun employs over 10,300 people in some 650 retail stores across the United States and Puerto Rico.

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Delias > #3, Fresh Tops Alternative For Women Between 13 to 19

Delia's StoresDelia’s is a privately owned clothing company that specializes in clothing for women ideally between the age of 13 to 19 years. Headquartered in New York, United States, Delias was founded in the year 1993. A huge collection of Denim Jeans, Graphic Tees, Dresses for every occasion, Tops, Sweaters, Jackets and footwear makes Delia’s another good alternative to Delias.

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Tobi > #4, Affordable Clothing Store For Fashion-Forward Women

Tobi StoresTobi is a Los Angeles, United States based online specialty store that offers a very beautiful and affordable collection of dresses, footwear and accessories for women. Every product offered at Tobi reflects the casual, cool, and sexy attitude of Los Angeles. Tobi was founded in the year 2007 and it is a great alternative to Fresh Tops for fashion-forward women on a budget.

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Forever 21 > #5 on Stores Like Fresh Tops

Forever 21Forever 21 is another famous chain of retail stores and a better alternative to Fresh Tops. Forever 21 was founded in the year 1984 by Don Won Chang. In the year 2015, Forever 21 generated over 4.4 billion USD in annual sales.

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Lulu’s > #6, Huge Discounts on Branded Fashion Clothing

Lulu's StoresLulus is a popular American Fashion brand for women that offers up to 70% discount on a variety of products. Headquartered in California, Lulus was founded in the year 1995. Some of the bestselling product categories at Lulus include formal dresses, bridal dresses, denim, boots, handbags, jewelry and other fashion accessories.

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Aeropostale > #7, Casual & Activewear For Teenagers, Men & Women

Aeropostale Clothing StoresAeropostale is another famous American chain of clothing and accessories stores. A comprehensive range of casual and active-wear for guys and girls makes Aeropostale a very good alternative to Fresh Tops. The primary audience of this clothing retailer ages between 14 to 40 years. Aeropostale was founded in the year 1973. Presently, the company operates some 860 retail stores across the United States, Canada, Mexico, UAE, Turkey, Ireland and many other countries.

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Wet Seal > #8, Affordable Fashion Clothing For Young Women

Wet Seal - Affordable and Stylish Clothing for WomenWet Seal is another American Chain of specialty stores that offers cost-effective and trendy fashion clothing for girls and young women. In addition to its in-house products, Wet Seal also sells clothing from other low-priced brands. Wet Seal is a good alternative to Fresh Tops and I assure you that low-price doesn’t mean low quality.

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Deb Shops > #9, Affordable, Plus-Size Clothing for Women

Deb ShopsDeb Shops is a good alternative to Fresh Tops to buy plus-sized clothing for women. Founded in the year 1932, Deb Shops is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In addition to a fairly-priced range of clothing, Deb Shops also offers a good range of shoes, bags and accessories including Jewelry, Headwear, Socks, Scarves and Sunglasses.

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Ann Taylor > #10 on Stores Like Tops

Ann TaylorAnn Taylor is a subsidiary of the Ascena Retail Group, that was founded in the year 1954. Headquartered in the land of fashion, New York, United States, Ann Taylor specializes in high-end fashion clothing and accessories for women. In the year 2015 Ann Taylor generated almost 300 million US Dollars in annual sales.

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