Discount Coupons for Amazon, Walmart and BestBuyAs of recently, the use of coupons or couponing has become very popular among shoppers. And now, more and more people have discovered the pleasure of getting to buy all the items on their shopping list without having to shell out more than 50% of their shopping budget. This makes you wonder how this became so and the reasons behind this fast expanding couponing trend.

The History of Discount Coupons

The very first coupons were produced in 1888 as the brainchild of Asa Candler, a businessman, to promote a new drink invented by John Pemberton, and what is perhaps today’s most popular beverage, Coca Cola. Before Coca Cola became famous, it was just a new drink that customers needed to know more about.

By giving out coupons that will be exchanged for a free drink through mails and magazines, plus a very strong advertisement campaign, the company grew and Coca Cola was rapidly gaining popularity.

The next company to use coupons was C.W. Post during the promotion of their breakfast cereal product. By giving out coupons worth one cent, the product also became popular and the company saw great success.

The Biggest Coupon Fraud

With the dawn of the internet, new types of coupons have surfaced and these were known as internet printables. With this, companies saw a chance of widening their scope of promotions. But because of lack of regulation, it resulted to a significant loss in these companies, as people were indiscriminatingly printing coupons to their heart’s desire. Copying coupons and coupon fraud has also become widespread. So much was the hassle that couponing brought to the companies that they decided to stop accepting printable coupons.

But then, with the advent of more sophisticated technology, internet printables slowly became accepted again with more rigorous regulation. Even so, there are still companies that remain doubtful of printable coupons and do not accept them.

And so, the use of different types of coupons as a great promotional tactic has been widely used all over the world until today.

Some Popular Coupon Codes

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