Plasil With Enzymes TabletsPlasil with Enzymes is an association of a gastroduodenal motility regulator (metoclopramide) with an enzymatic complex (bromelain and pancreatin) a choleretic (sodium dehydrocholate) and an anti-foam surfactant (dimethylpolysiloxane). This association is intended to correct dyspepsia due to disordered motility and enzymatic secretion of the gastroduodeno-pancreatic region.

Plasil contains Metoclopramide

Because of its specific normalizing effect on the motility of the gastro-duodenojejunal tract, Metoclopramide is capable of selectively restoring the normal transit in that region.

Plasil contains Bromelain

Bromelain is actually a mixture of four heterologous enzymes active within an ascertained pH range of 3 to 8 this activity, identical to that of trypsin, is equivalent to 681 U / mg.

Pancreatin 4 NF is four times as active as pancreatin and therefore transforms a quantity of starch and casein a hundred times its own weight into soluble sugars and peptones respectively.

Sodium dehydrocholate, a wellknown choleresis activator, also emulsifies fats, thus favoring their absorption.

Dimethylpolysiloxane exerts through its surfactant properties an antifoam and absorbent action on the gases in the stomach and intestine.

How Plasil Tablets Dissolve?

Plasil With Enzymes Sugar-Coated Tablet consists of two layers plus the sugar-coating. The outer layer dissolves in the stomach and contains metoclopramide, bromelain and methylpolysiloxane, while the entiric-coated core only dissolves in the intestine and contains pancreatin, sodium dehydrocholate and dimethylpolysiloxane.

Plasil Indications

Plasil with Enzymes is not recommended during first three months of pregnancy.

Plasil with Enzymes is indicted in all dyspepsia dependent on associated motility and secretory disorders. In particular it is recommended in all dyspeptic syndromes of gastrointestinal, biliary and pancreatic origin or due to improper diet.

Plasil with Enzymes eliminates symptoms common to the above mentioned syndromes which are epigastric discomfort, post-prandial headache; full feeling and abdominal distension; heartburn; belching; nausea, flatulence.

Plasil Dosage

One or two sugar-coated tablets, depending on the severity of the dyspepsia, to be swallowed (without chewing) about 10 minutes before each meal. The tablets may also be taken with the meals.

Plasil – Drug Warnings

Extrapyramidal symptoms may appear on over-dosage of Metoclopramide, but regress on withdrawal of treatment. The same phenomenon may exceptionally occur even at therapeutic doses, in patients who are particularly sensitive or simultaneously treated with neuroleptics.

Plasil with Enzyme Tablet – Composition

Each sugar-coated tablet contains

  • Metoclopramide Hydrochloride BP equivalent to 6 mg of the anhydrous substance
  • Sodium dehydrocholate 20 mg
  • Bromelain P.U. 35,000
  • Pancreatin FIP P.U. 210
  • Simethicone 50 mg