Shreddies - The Fart Odor Absorbing UnderwearI can’t believe that I am writing about this, but I just wanted to introduce a latest technology advancement with my readers. 🙂

If you have ever suffered from Flatulence Problems, I hope you are already aware of the social issues it can cause. Excessive flatulence can be a result of many causes or conditions including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and Crohn’s disease. But let us assume you are an average/normal person with no medical conditions at all. You have just eaten too much fiber rich food followed by some gassy drink during your lunch break at office. What Would You Do Next?

  • Would You Let Your Colleagues Die Because of The Deadly Smell? 🙂
  • Or you would Sacrifice Your Comfort, prefer to Feel Bloated All The Time & Try To Prevent Your Farts?

I Have A Good News! You Don’t Have To Do Any Of  This…

Wear Shreddies & Fart With Confidence!

Shreddies A UK based brand has recently introduced a scientifically proven solution to flatulence. This “Underwear with Technology” has the ability to filter the odors of flatulence. Shreddies has a layer of Zorflex (Activated Carbon Cloth) sandwiched between the finest fabric to ensure the highest quality standards. The following image explains How Shreddies Works.

Shreddies Helps You Get Rid of Flatulence Odor