Maxius Lozenges & Mouthwash by Recordati Italy.Maxius (Tibezonium Iodide) is indicated in prophylaxis and treatment of inflammation and infection of mouth, gums and throat-stomatitis, gingivitis, alveolitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, angina caused by cold and sore throat of the common cold.

Maxius is indicted also in the pre-and post-operative treatment of tonsillectomies, tooth extraction or other surgical procedures in the mouth cavity. Prevention and dissolution of dental plaque.

Maxius Antibacterial Activity.Maxius has shown a marked antibacterial activity against the bacteria responsible for infections of mouth, gums, and throat. It also has analgesic-anesthetic activity, which is particularly useful in painful conditions. Maxius is well tolerated and non-irritant; it is not absorbed from the digestive tract and exerts its action only locally.



4 to 6 at 2-3 hours intervals, or as directed by the physician, to be slowly dissolved in the mouth;


  • Gargle and mouth rinsing with the undiluted product (1 or 2 tablespoonful) when a stronger action is required.
  • Gargle and mouth rinsing (1 or 2 tablespoonful diluted in the same amount of water) for mouth hygiene or prophylaxis (for mouth hygiene 2 rinses or gargles daily are sufficient morning and evening); swabbing with the undiluted product.


Maxius is available in the form of lozenges (each containing 5 mg of tibezonium iodide), and mouthwash (0.05% solution of tibezonium iodide).