Choose The Sex of Your Baby Naturally!Given the choice, all of us would like to choose whether we want a boy or a girl. In fact most parents I know that decide to have two kids, would want to have one of either sex. Ideally, I would like the same and in my heart, I have for long been praying that either God or the circumstances bless me with a girl the next time. Why? Because, just about a year back, I have become a proud father to a lovely boy.

Praying to God is something we all possibly do in the privacy of our thoughts. But there are circumstances that you can possibly influence to choose the sex of your child!

But before that, I want to draw your thoughts to what could happen if everybody on earth tries these and meets with success. In China, till some time back, while the one child policy was being strictly enforced, orphanages were being regularly filled up with girls abandoned by parents wanting to bring up only a male child, since they could have only one. In neighboring India, female infanticide has been a widespread practice for ages. People in India used to abort girl children by the thousands or once born, other crude ways were used to get rid of them.

The result: there was a difference of more than 10% in boys and girls and finding a girl to marry became a tough proposition for some!

But in today’s world, I do not find any reason to be unhappy with a girl child. In fact, many people nowadays want girls over boys.

Now, undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) through preimplantation genetic diagnosis, (or PGD) is legally allowed in many countries including the USA. This technique lets you choose what you want and have it. It is growing in popularity worldwide. People, as you might expect, are queuing up. In fact, many providers of this service offer complete packages, providing you with a travel agent, a list of restaurants and hotels (since most clients are from faraway places), and a babysitting service. The cost may vary between £10,000 and £30,000 (of course a lot depends on where you are flying down from). Some also have arrangements for instalment payment plans!

How To Choose The Gender Of Your Baby Naturally?

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis is not the only technique available. There are many more. As I mentioned, there are circumstances that we can possibly influence! Click Here to learn how to tweak the normal process of birth according to your wishes.