What Does An Average American Do To Improve His/Her Vision?

How to restore Vision Naturally.The conventional methods have taught us to just simply visit a doctor who will then prescribe us corrective lenses. The choice is either glasses or contact lenses, and we willingly accept this method without much thought or skepticism. The logic is that this is a better method than having to undergo surgery.

Millions of Americans are easily fooled into thinking they’ve solved this problem in a painless way, however the truth is that they’re merely bandaging the problem while ignoring and not addressing the root problem.

Corrective Lenses – Do They Help Restore Vision?

If corrective lenses were the solution, people would only use them temporarily until their vision is healed and glasses are no longer necessary. But the reality is that the opposite is happening. We visit the doctor on a regular basis and leave every time with thicker lenses and less cash in our pocket. Sadly, we don’t try to address how to restore our vision in a natural way because doctors don’t encourage us to do so. Instead we accept glasses as the only solution to this problem.

A Very Important Question to Ask Yourself…

Have you ever wondered why medical research is advancing in all fields, while glasses haven’t really changed in hundreds of years? Manufacturers use modern materials and trendy designs, but it’s basically the same concept. Why don’t people demand a better solution for blurred vision? We’ve asked ourselves these questions, and the answers are shocking.

Although statistics vary, more than two thirds of the US population (over 200 million people) wear some kind of corrective lens. Glasses currently dominate over the contact lenses, and their sales combined generate a multibillion dollar industry in just the US alone.

So you can imagine the economic impact this would have if people were to suddenly start self-medicating their eyes and said goodbye to glasses. Instead consumers are continually told to have several pairs of glasses as a backup, and to buy a new pair every few years as to stay in trend. Marketing agencies are trying to convince us how smart people look in glasses. All of this is to keep the industry running.

Is it really possible to restore vision naturally?

Dr. William Kemp, an Optometrist from Lexington, Virginia has recently published a book named “Natural Clear Vision”. This is a great self-help book for anyone wanting to naturally and safely improve their vision, and is handy to help identify any eyesight problems that they currently have. To learn more about that natural vision improvement program visit the Official Website or read my Natural Clear Vision Review.