How To Get Rid of a Bloated StomachAre you tired of doing exercise and eating healthy to have a flat tummy? Don’t worry you are not alone. More than a half of the total American population types; how to get rid of a bloated stomach into Google every single month. But I am writing this blog post just to tell Americans, doing endless sessions of sit-ups will only result in a short-term success and a long-term disappointment. You don’t have to waste your time and energy anymore. Start following these time-tested tips shared below, get rid of stomach bloating and achieve the fitness level you actually deserve!

Always Stay Hydrated!

In order to avoid the stomach bloating and other complications associated with water retention, it is very important to keep yourself hydrated. I suggest you to regularly use a drink that is a natural diuretic too and it is pretty easy to get it ready within a couple of minutes. Take a glass of warm water and add fresh lemon juice in it. This natural diuretic can be taken as many times a day as you want (absolutely no side effects).

Avoid Foods that Lack Healthy Fiber

Foods that carry refined carbs may lead to several problems for your digestive system including abdominal bloating and constipation. Pasta, bread and white rice are common examples of foods that lack healthy fiber. I suggest you to try brown rice, whole-grain bread and oat cakes instead.

Do You Enjoy Chewing Gum?

Chewing gum might be a temporary solution to avoid hunger pangs. But the nasty tricks that it plays with your stomach could be a possible reason that keeps you from having a flat belly. When you chew your favorite gum, your tummy assumes that food is on its way and starts producing digestive juices. I hope you never swallow a gum and that unnecessary production of digestive juices results in a bloated stomach.

Control Your Stress Levels

Avoid the situations that increase your stress levels. This condition not only makes you feel bloated, but, increased levels of cortisol (stress hormone) lead to an increased level of blood sugar. It is essential to burn off that excess sugar. In most cases, a stressed person does not pay attention to such activities that are necessary to burn that sugar off. Resultantly, it gets stored as fat on lower abdomen, hips and thighs.

Take Advantage of Probiotics

There is a famous saying; “The road to health is paved with good intestines!” Lactobacillus is a type of probiotics that is scientifically proven to help maintain a healthy gut. A lack of probiotics may throw your digestive system out of balance and could be the reason for bloated stomach.

Celery Tones your Tummy!

The high water content and chemical makeup of celery helps regulate the bowel moments, decreases fluid retention and controls gas. Celery is more beneficial when cooked because it is a bit difficult to digest it in raw form. See Celery Recipes…

Avoid Dairy Intake

Although once it was our primary source of nutrition but, when we grow older it becomes harder to absorb milk. The reason is, we lack necessary enzymes that support the digestion of nutrients found in milk. Our digestive system works hard to digest it and produces mucous and acid. The whole process upsets the normal flora balance and results in a swollen belly. Avoid dairy intake for a little while and observe if it helps you get rid of bloated stomach.