I believe, and hope, you will agree, Excessive Sweating (also known as Hyperhidrosis) affects every aspect of a person’s life including relationship, work, school and social activities. The prime objective of my today’s blog post is to share an unusual tip on how to control excessive sweating. But before proceeding further I would like to share some very common situations that an excessive sweating sufferer faces in his/her everyday life.

Sweating After a Shower…

How to Control Excessive SweatingImagine you just stepped out of the shower and have started getting dressed for the day. You put your clothes on, but then you notice that the shirt you just put on is stained under the arms because you’ve started to sweat. Then you notice that your back is dripping as well. You start to get frustrated because you have to change even though you haven’t yet gone anywhere or done any strenuous activity. This is just one of many scenarios.

At a Wedding Party…

Sweating at a Social Gathering
Imagine you’ve been invited to a wedding. You’re looking good in a new dress (or, if you’re a man, a new suit). You arrive and notice that the event is an outdoor one. Of course, you’re a bit nervous, but you’re doing OK as you sit down and try to enjoy the wedding. You notice that you’ve started to sweat more heavily than the people beside you. They begin to notice that you are sweating. You try to cool off, but between the hot climate and the stares, you’re feeling more than a little uncomfortable. Finally, you can’t take it anymore, so you get up to go inside and get some air. As you stand up, you sense that your dress/pants are sticking to your thighs. Then you look at the seat and see that it is covered with spots of moisture. Your heart starts to race because you don’t want anybody to see what you’re seeing. To top it all off, as you take a look at the back of your dress/pants, you utter, “Oh, my God!” because of the large, wet spot. It appears as though you’ve wet yourself. You are horribly embarrassed. Discover an Unusual Tip to control excessive sweating.

Sweating At Work…

Stop Sweating at Work Naturally
Imagine you have to speak in public at work. You must make a presentation, so you get prepared. The morning of the presentation, you are dressed for success, and you’re excited about it. You enter the boardroom and begin your presentation. You’re a little nervous, so you start to sweat under your arms, on your hands, and possibly in your groin area (I’m just going to “be real” here). You start to notice sweat dripping down your forehead, and your coworkers see it, too. They start to look at you with puzzled expressions as if to say, “Why is he sweating like that? It’s not even hot in here.” You certainly can’t stop in the middle of your presentation and say, “Hey, guys, I’m sorry…. I have this condition called hyperhidrosis, and it makes me sweat uncontrollably.” All you can do is proceed with your presentation while trying to hurry. Finally, you finish. It’s over. You return to your desk, upset and embarrassed by the whole thing. And now your deodorant has worn off and your perfume or cologne has vanished, all in a matter of minutes. Now there is only the musty smell of sweat. Discover How to Control Sweaty Smelly Underarms.

Sweating in the Examination Hall

Sweating at School During ExamsImagine you’re in school and have a term paper to write. But every time you begin to write, the pencil slips out of your hand and the words on the paper smear, causing you to ruin your essay even though you haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of the assignment. What can you do? You are frustrated and angry about the whole thing; you want to throw in the towel and say forget it, I’m not putting up with this anymore. Yet you have no choice; you have to put up with it. You don’t know how to handle this situation even though it has happened time and time again. What can you tell your teacher or professor? “I’m sorry, I can’t finish my paper because my hands are sweating.” He or she would likely look at you strangely or decide that you were making it up in order to get out of your assignment.

Excessive Sweating or Hyperhidrosis effects people socially, physically and mentally. We all know that one’s high school experience is supposed to be an enjoyable and exciting part of the teenage years, but when you have hyperhidrosis it can be a nightmare. Your wardrobe must be different than your friend’s. You can’t wear what most of the other girls or guys are wearing. (This especially affects girls; you know how we like to wear all those pretty clothes that look cute and sexy on us—but oh, no!) Instead, you are forced to wear dark clothes to cover up the underarm stains and so that no one will see you’re wearing underarm shields to try to stop the sweat. And sandals are out of the question for some of us because our feet slide out of them or carry too much odor. Both are very unappealing, and both are embarrassing, so we would rather cover up than expose our feet.

If you or someone you love is facing a similar situation, Click Here to learn How to Control Excessive Sweating.