Li-Fi Offers High Speed Wireless Internet Access Through LED LightsMost people use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth at home and office in order to stay connected with the internet. But these wireless technologies have a fatal flaw; they use radio waves to communicate. In addition to the associated health hazards, speed can also be a problem with the radio waves as sometimes the signal from a wifi router gets blocked by physical obstacles and can also get affected by other equipments e.g. microwave in your kitchen.

The Wi-Fi router works by emitting radio waves in all directions, while the Light Fidelity does the same thing to the flashing light of an LED lamp. A team of scientists is working to develop a new wireless communication technology that is extremely fast and it utilizes LED light bulbs.

Wireless communication based on Light is named Li-Fi by Professor Harald Haas in a TED talk. It is a method for Internet connectivity that does not use wires or radio waves. The technology is being developed by researchers at the University of Edinburgh in the UK and have shown to be more effective and safer than traditional communication.

As said earlier, a Wi-Fi router works by emitting radio waves in all directions around your house, when a wireless device detects these waves, they simply connect to the router that further connects the device to the Internet. The idea of ​​Li-Fi is similar, you will not even notice, but LED lights flash at high speed and also transmit data at a much higher speed than a wifi.

Wi-fi Speed Vs Li-Fi Speed

A Wi-Fi can have a maximum speed of about 867 Mbps/sec, on the other hand, Li-Fi speed can reach 3.5 Gbps/sec without color LEDs and with Red-Green-Blue color LEDs a Li-Fi can deliver up to 10.5Gbps/sec. yes, you read that right! It is almost 11 times higher than a Wi-fi router.