Herbal Medicine Vs Pharmaceutical MedicineOne of the most important things we have lost in modern society, at least in my opinion, is the stillroom. This room, which was dedicated to holding the herbs, salves, recipes, tinctures, and other ingredients used to treat everyday ailments, used to be found in every rural homestead. In fact, if you went back in time, you would find stillrooms in every kind of dwelling from the castles of medieval times to the abbeys of the ancient church.

Our move away from herbal medicine and fostering the knowledge to treat illness and disease naturally has only come in the last 150 years as modern medical practices have rapidly advanced. Don’t get me wrong, I am not decrying the amazing abilities of modern medicine to do things that our ancestors would never have thought possible. There is a reason we no longer call strep throat morbid sore throat; namely, people are no longer at great risk of dying from it. However, as the wonders of modern medicine have swept across the Western world, our society has lost touch with and lost faith in the remedies and treatments that people used to attend to their health for thousands of years.

Is Modern Medicine Better Than Traditional Medicine?

While there are definitely some areas where modern medicine will always be better, more and more herbal or natural options are being shown to be just as effective as the pharmaceuticals espoused by modern medicine. This means that in many cases, we have the means to mend ourselves without having to visit a doctor or ingest a bunch of chemicals. With a little knowledge and some extra effort, we can make herbal remedies to deal with some of our basic health problems.

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