Gynophilus CapsulesGynophilus contains Lactobacillus casei v. rhamnosus Döderlein or (LCR35), a bacterial species that is naturally present in the vagina. LCR35 helps maintain and restore the vaginal normal flora by reducing the pH. Each Gynophilus Capsule contains LCR35: freeze-dried culture (341 mg), not less than 1 billion germs per gram. Gynophilus is a capsule to be inserted into the vagina. Keep reading to learn more about the indications, recommended dosage, method of administration and possible side effects of Gynophilus Capsules.

What is Gynophilus Used for?

Gynophilus Indications

  • Bactenai Vaginosis
  • Mycosis
  • Mixed Vaginal Infections
  • As a follow-on treatment after use of local antibiotic or antifungal treatments.
  • Gynophilus is also recommended to use concomitantly with oral treatment e.g. antibiotics.

Gynophilus Dosage

  • 1 intravaginal capsule twice a day for initial 7-days treatment period.
  • 1 intravaginal capsule once a day for 14-days, if maintenance therapy is advised by the doctor.

Method of Administration

The method of administration of Gynophilus capsule is very simple. All you need is to dampen the capsule with some water to make it easier to insert. Now, slowly insert it into your vagina with your fingers. (don’t forget to was your hands before starting the procedure).

It is important to dampen the capsule before insertion. If you don’t do that, its fragments may evacuate. It is also recommended to use party-liners. Gynophilus Capsules are odor-free and do not stain the clothes.

General Information (Q&A)

  1. What is Bacterial Vaginosis?

Bacterial Vaginosis is a very common type of vaginal infections. It is estimated to affect one in every three women across the globe. In the vagina there are lots of good and bad bacteria. Bacterial Vaginosis occurs when the natural balance between good and bad bacteria gets disturbed. The most common symptoms of BV include; itching, an unpleasant odor, abnormal discharge, burning, perineal discomfort and irritation. You might be interested to read How to Get Rid of Bacterial Vaginosis Naturally?

  1. What are the possible causes that disturb the balance of Vaginal Flora?

Heavy periods, using tampons, recent use of antibacterial agents or antifungal drugs are some of the known causes behind this. The exact cause of normal flora disturbance is not always known. You may have some other reason for your vaginal flora disturbance. But it is very important to maintain a healthy balance in order to prevent vaginal infections and further complications.

  1. Can I have sexual intercourse after using Gynophilus?

Yes you may have, as long as you do not use condoms, spermicides or a latex diaphragm.

Important Precautions about Gynophilus

  • This product is recommended for adults only
  • This product is recommended for vaginal administration only. Do not swallow Gynophilus Capsules
  • Keep every medicine including Gynophilus out of the reach of children
  • Each bottle of Gynophilus contains 14 capsules. Please carefully check the expiry date (printed on the top of the container). Do not use Gynophilus or any other product after the expiry date.