According to the International Diabetes Federation there are currently more than 371 million people in the world suffering from diabetes. This number is expected to reach 552 million by the year 2030.
Diabetes Updates
Diabetes is already, the leading cause of kidney failure, Limb amputation and new cases of blindness among adults in the United States. Diabetes is increasing at such an alarming rate that a person dies every 7 seconds. Just think about that for a moment and the time it has taken for me to tell you that, “Another Life has just been snuffed out, far too early because of this terrible disease.

Annual Medical Expenditure of a Person with Diabetes

For those whose lives haven’t been prematurely cut short by diabetes, there’s another cost too. I’m talking about your finances!

The American Diabetes Association recently reported that on an average the annual medical expenditure of a person with diabetes is $13700 dollars per year. The report also states that a type 2 diabetic will spend 2.3 times more money on their annual medical bills than people without diabetes.

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