Stylish and Beautiful Crochet Designs to Make MoneyCrocheting is a great hobby that is fun and easy to learn. The availability of free patterns on the Internet means that you don’t have to buy books of patterns or individual patterns unless you just want to do it. This hobby makes it easy for you to make beautiful and thoughtful gifts for your friends and family. There are groups of people who get together to make things for those in need, too. Moreover, you can also make some extra cash by learning some advanced crocheting techniques (more on this is a minute). Before proceeding further, let us take a look over the history of Crocheting.

History of Crocheting

Although no one can exactly narrow down the date that crochet got its start, even the Old Norse and Middle French had a name for a hook. However, the modern art that we now know as crochet got its start around the 16th century. In France, it was known as “crochet lace” and in England it was known as “chain lace”. It is thought by researcher Lis Paluden, however, that crochet actually began in Arabia.

The Irish developed their own particular style that is still available for people around the world to learn. It actually saved many people from starvation during the potato famine. As people emigrated from Ireland to other countries (including America), the crochet style spread and influenced other crafters.

There are all types of crochet. You can use big hooks and yarn to make blankets, scarves, and hats. You could use thread to make delicate doilies, snowflakes, and even bedspreads. Irish crochet is still an active genre. People use it to make beautiful lace designs. Tunisian crochet is almost similar to knitting because people carry several stitches on a long needle at once.

Crocheting For Profit

If you are serious about making money with your hobby, checkout Knitting for Profit. In this eBook you’ll learn advanced knitting and crochet tricks. These tricks will help you generate an extra monthly income by doing what you love to do. You will find beautiful crochet patterns and how to make things such as stuffed animals, sweaters, socks, scarves, baby blankets and more. You can make your projects in any colors that you want. It’s easy and it’s fun. Many projects are quick and can be done in short time.

Bonus Crochet Lessons for Beginners

Knitting for Profit will teach you about the different types of yarn and tools that you need to get started. You’ll also learn about basic stitches and how to read a pattern. Additionally, you’ll also discover resources where you can find patterns for your new hobby. You won’t believe how many free crochet patterns that you can find!