Bacterial VaginosisYou may wake up one morning and wonder what happened. Why all of a sudden it hurts to urinate; you have an itch you can’t scratch in public, which is the time it itches most, and you have the most awful smell coming from “down there”. So what happened? Did you do something? But more importantly, what can you do to stop this most embarrassing female problem?

What is “wrong” is you have an infection. And it’s not something you did to cause this. Well, not directly, not really.

The natural balance of bacteria in your vagina is off-balance and this is causing the burning, the itching and the wretched smell. When you do not have an infection, this means the vagina has just the right amount of “good” and “bad” bacteria to stay in balance. The good bacteria are in charge of managing the bad bacteria. When there is worse bacteria than the good bacteria can handle, the result is Bacterial Vaginosis or BV for short. An infection in your vagina, which is uncomfortable at its best and painful and embarrassingly smelly and can lead to other issues and diseases at its worst, is what you end up with.

Prevalence of Bacterial Vaginosis

You may feel you are all alone but you are not. Millions of women in the US suffer from Bacterial Vaginosis at any given time. Many health organizations are reporting that the number of women suffering BV throughout the world is approximately 1 in 3. This number could actually be higher, as many women either do not have any symptoms or suffer in silence, too embarrassed to even talk to a physician.

Bacterial Vaginosis is actually a rather common health issue for many women. Women in their reproductive years and pregnant women are the most susceptible to BV. However, pregnant women who are experiencing a bout with Bacterial Vaginosis need to seek treatment immediately. Pregnant women can risk dangerous complications to their unborn child if their BV goes untreated.

Luckily, there is a natural way to cure your Bacterial Vaginosis and rid your body from this inconvenient, worrisome, embarrassing and simply awful female problem. You just need a little patience with yourself and the right tools and techniques and you will be throwing away your supply of “masking” potions, powders and perfumes you were using for that smell, the itch and the burning for good.