Common Mistakes That Kill Your Weight Loss EffortsAs I said earlier, being slimmer and enjoying an optimum body weight is not an on again and off again thing. Efforts to lose weight and keeping it off is a life time commitment. Without consistency you might achieve some short-term success. But I am sure, it will be hard to keep the weight off that you just lost. I read somewhere, “If you are failed to plan, you actually have planned to fail” (sorry I don’t remember the name of that Wiseman who said that). But I hope you will agree with him. Well, my objective is to drive your attention towards a comprehensive weight loss plan that could really help you lose weight without losing muscles.

If you have been struggling to get rid of excessive weight for a while, perhaps you already have tried so many things. You might also have some good and bad experiences with the things you tried. My objective behind this article is to guide the readers about some of the mistakes that I made during my weight loss journey. I suggest you to stay away from these activities as they carry more harms for your health than benefits.

  • Weight Loss Is Not A Matter of Simply Going On A Diet
    Majority of the overweight people start their fat burning efforts from dieting. It is a very common approach. People think if they avoid calorie intake, their body will start burning excessive fat in order to get energy to perform its functions. Resultantly, they will start losing weight. This approach might help in the short-term. But in the long-run, it slows down your metabolism and makes your weight loss more difficult. For tips on how to make your metabolism efficient read this.
  • There Is No Magic Pill To Lose Weight
    Weight loss industry has become a money making machine for thousands of clever marketers. There are many so-called weight loss pills available for purchase online and on many drug stores across the globe. Impressive marketing campaigns and attractive discount offers convert many people into buyers of such weight loss products. In reality, buying and using those magic pills only reduces the weight of a fat wallet. According to my personal experience and many people I know, the success rate of that weight loss pills is comparable to placebo. I sincerely suggest you to stay away from these types of shortcuts.
  • Is Liposuction Worth It?
    In last, I would like to share one more common mistake that might help you lose weight but ruins your overall health. There are more than 400,000 liposuction procedures that are done in the US every year. I haven’t tried that option personally. One of the reason is I cannot afford the costs of that procedure. Another major reason is, I have thoroughly researched this option. Liposuction might make all your weight disappear quickly. But it does not make you healthy. Moreover there are so many associated risks that make it a bad option. Google the term “Liposuction Side Effects” to no more about this.

Slow and Steady Wins The Race! Keep this in mind when you make your customized weight loss plan. A balanced and mindfully chosen diet, active lifestyle and consistency is the key to lose weight and stay healthier for the rest of your life.