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PlainTips.com is a valuable source of information, Tips and Tricks about the things you do and the problems you face in your everyday life. I have tried my best to keep the tips and tutorials as easy to understand and to follow as possible.

Web Development Tips

Web Development TipsThe Web is Your Domain! The web has been around for more than two decades now. I hope you’ll agree, as a communication and commercial medium, the WEB is here to stay. So I truely believe, everyone should at least learn the basics of Web Development. Whether you want to adopt it professionally or just want to do something creative in your free time, The tips published in this section will surely help you on your way to success. Visit Web Development Tips.

Technology Tips

Technology TipsTechnology Tips section is one of the most popular segment of PlainTips.com. The articles, tutorials, news, tips and tricks published here are primarily based on Computer Technology, Internet Advancements, Laptop and Desktop Operating Systems e.g. Windows and Mac, SmartPhones e.g. Android, iPhone, Blackberry. Additionally you’ll discover useful tips about web browsers, media players different file extensions and other software and hardware related problems. Visit Technology Tips.

Word Processing Tips

Word Processing TipsThe Prime foucus of Word Processing Tips section is on Microsoft’s Word processors, e.g. Word 2003, 2007, 2010 & Word 2013. Additionally You Will Find Some helpful tutorials about Apache OpenOffice Writer and some other popular word processing applications as well. Visit Word Processing Tips.

Microsoft Excel Tips

Microsoft Excel TipsSpreadsheets are very useful to organize and analyze data in tabular form. I hope you already know that Microsoft Excel is the most popular and widely used spreadsheet software in the world. MS Excel Tips section is created to publish basic and advanced tips to help you become an excel proficient. Visit Microsoft Excel Tips.

Fat Loss Tips

Fat Loss TipsRead the Latest and Up to Date information and tips about how to lose excessive fat and stay in shape. In addition to Fat Loss excercises, you will also read reviews and expert opinions about different fat and weight loss programs. Supplements that are proven to help accelerate the fat loss process are also shared with the readers right on these pages. Visit Fat Loss Tips.

Hair Loss Tips

Hair Loss TipsHow to Preve4nt Hair Loss and How to Restore Lost Hair? These Hair Loss Tips Might Be The Most Important Ones to Help You Get Rid of The Problem. Visit Hair Loss Tips.

Health and Drugs

Prescription Drug Information and Health Tips From The Desk of Doctor Thomas AndrewsThis is the most widely read section of PlainTips.com. We are highly thankful to Dr. Thomas Andrews (Imperial Institute of Medical Studies) for their dedicated efforts to publish valuable information for patients and healthcare professionals.  In this section you will read information about most commonly used prescription drugs. Additionally the author also shares some useful tips that helps you stay fit and healthy. Visit Health and Drugs.